Flat Tummy Water To Get a Slim Belly Fast

The Impossible Dream

Many people wish for a flat tummy, but it seems to be an almost impossible goal for most. Or is it? Is there some special secret known only to fitness experts or those seemingly select few walking around with their flat stomachs? Even when your clothes don’t fit, you refuse to buy new ones, or at least the next size, making your waist look like a series of little hills! For those of you who have been there, you will understand, and it’s not a very pleasant feeling.


To be able to get a flat belly, you need to do some exercise. But believe it or not, this is not the most іmportant thіng. What stands between you and a flatter stomach is – diet. All the exercises to get killer abs will not get you a flat belly without the proper diet.

There are so many fad type diets, pills and supplements out there, that trying to lose weight, or get a flat belly, can be very confusing. In fact, it’s not all that hard. There is a quick and easy solution that you can do yourself at home and it’s called Flat Tummy Water.

Flat Belly Water

It’s also known as flat belly water and there are some great health benefits to be obtained from drinking it and better still, it’s super simple to make. It aids digestion and can reduce bloating and as a result reduce your tummy. We tend to diminish the importance of drinking water and there is a general tendency by most to consume substitutes such as sugary drinks, alcohol and beverages like tea and coffee. While these drinks do contain water, they are not benefiting your overall health. Quite the opposite.

What are the Ingredients of Flat Tummy Water?

The simple lemon is one of the major ingredients of flat tummy water. Lemon is a great helper for your digestion and provides your body with many of the needed vitamins. There are other ingredients as well and they all work as a sort of detox water for flat belly.

Other ingredients that you can put into your flat tummy water include cucumber, ginger, mint and/or basil leaves and then add a dash of rock salt. Leave the mixture overnight to allow time for all the nutrients to dissolve into the water. These additives all have some very good health benefits and working together help you lose that fat belly fast. They have a way of forming a strong detox drink that will help your body burn excess fat and even ward off disease. Not bad for a simple water mixture you can make at home, is it?


Although cucumbers are 95% water they are also rich in minerals. They can relieve heartburn and dissolve kidney stones. They are great for aiding digestion because they are packed with fibre. The lowly cucumber can also stabilize your blood pressure and has cancer fighting ingredients as part of its amazing properties.

Apart from using cucumbers in your salads, if you went on a cucumber diet you would then discover the secret of a slim and healthy body. They are very low in calories and have the ability to cleanse the body of harmful toxins.

Cucumber Water Recipe

While we’re taking about cucumbers, let’s look at making some cucumber water which is by itself a strong body detox system along with all the benefits mentioned above. It helps you say hydrated and you have more energy because your body is getting enough water. Did we mention that it curbs appetite and helps soothe your skin? So much goodness in so little a vegetable.

The recipe for cucumber water is pretty much as was described for the flat tummy water. You cut up a few slices of cucumber and you can either mix it with some herbs you might have in your garden, or with lemon, and then leave the mixture overnight so that all the good stuff infuses into the water. Refreshing, healthy and slimming. What more could you ask for?

Lemon Water Recipe

There’s no rocket science involved with making lemon water as it is one of the simpler recipes that provides a yummy, sweet and tangy flavour drink that has many associated health benefits. And how do you make lemon water? It’s simply the juice of lemons mixed with water. You could have guessed that one. You can sip on this drink all day and you will feel better, lose weight and get a lot closer to that flat belly figure we talked about earlier.

Some benefits

it speeds up your metabolism and as we all know that means you are burning more calories. Lemons contain something called flavonoids and these have strong antioxidant properties. Then that burst of Vitamin C through your body is going to do wonders for your blood pressure, amongst other things.


We all watch weight loss shows like the Biggest Loser, and cooking shows of which there are now many, and we get new-fangled diets in our face from social media, TV advertisements and TV shows, and then the celebrities get on board with their fantastic ‘new’ diet that is soon followed by millions. But searching for ways to get some weight off and have that flat belly is not anywhere near as complicated as some people like to make out.

Flat tummy water and cucumber water and lemon water are so simple to make and what’s more, very cheap. You don’t need to take pills and you don’t have to do 100 ab curls a day in the gym. While exercise is great for your body, it’s not necessarily the ‘great white hope’ of solutions to a bloated belly. We’ve shown you a few different ways to reach that goal. All you have to do is buy the ingredients, or if you’re lucky enough to be able to grow your own, add some water, leave it overnight, and spend the next couple of days sipping on your new recipe. You will end up with a flat tummy in next to no time.

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